Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa's Sleigh aka My Car is Packed!

Sometime late this morning I discovered I had lost a day this week. Bruce had asked me if I was ready for my drive tomorrow. I quite seriously replied, "What do you mean, I'm not leaving until Christmas Eve?"

He looked at me like I had lost my mind, LOL No, I did not lose my mind but I did lose a day!

It seems rather ironic how I had written earlier this week how Christmas had sneaked up on me too quickly this year as it had. I suppose having Bruce home from work a few days earlier this year did not help with my plight.

This afternoon I loaded up Santa's sleigh aka my car for my 3 1/2hr trek southwards to my daughter's home.
The huge 2'X3' blue velvet bag with the golden ribbon is placed very carefully in the hatchback, another large box filled with a few other presents and decorations has taken it's place across the back seat.
There is only one thing left to be put in at the last possible moment!
OK well it's not that big; YET; but it will be in 35 years, LOL

For Rocket's 1st Christmas and with his naturalist parents permission I found a potted dwarf Douglas Fir tree.
Pictures to follow in the forthcoming days.

One of my brother's friends cuts a tree down each year from his own property in it's place another is planted.
I think that is really an awesome idea and had wished it was something I could have started with my daughters. Perhaps this little potted Douglas Fir for Rocket will become the first of many.
Unfortunately, life doesn't always play out the way we dream it could have or should have. It just is what it is sometimes.
However, we can always start fresh anytime we wish. All we have to do is do it!

As it is now after midnight I'll leave you with this ....
Merry Christmas Eve to All and To All a Goodnight!

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