Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas has approached too quickly!

This is my first attempt at blogging.

This year Christmas has truly sneaked up on me rather quickly.

I am usually more prepared than I was this year. A lot was going on for me as I completed a training course for a career change.

Returning to school at 46 brought about new challenges for me. I had to re-learn math that 30 years ago I saw no use in learning. After a week of stressing over how to do this formulation of algebra I discovered that no matter how I did the formula as long as the answer was right that is all that mattered.

Why didn't I make this discovery 30 years ago, LOL

I completed my classes the Friday before Thanksgiving. Bruce had decided that since it was just the 2 of us for Thanksgiving we would go out to dinner.

That meant no leftover turkey, stuffing and other goodies.

While not having to cook was nice I doubt I will entertain the thought of going out to dinner again. I missed the aroma of turkey roasting and pies in the oven.

This dinner out threw off my normal routine of getting the Christmas boxes out of the shed.
For nearly all of my life I have had our Christmas tree up by the latest my birthday.
This did not happen this year. It was not until a week later that I was able to get out to the shed and start some Christmas decorating.
Yes this is last years picture but other than ornament placement our tree and accents remain the same. I just haven't gotten this years tree picture uploaded yet.

Despite having my tree up I began to get the Holiday blues. Normally things do not get me down but this year was different. A series or unnamed events brought on this blah feeling. I had sleepless nights and a heavy heart. What was wrong with me?

I became a grandmother 11 months ago and have this wonderful grandson who is at a great age for his 1st Christmas. While shopping for a boy is a new challenge for me I must admit I enjoyed the old familiar toy shopping concept, LOL
Shopping for Rocket was definitely a highlight for me.I just wanted to open every box and play with these new toys. Yes, I am a big kid at heart. Aren't we all?

Rocket learning Pat-A-Cake!
So, this Saturday December 24th I will be traveling down to North Carolina to share a very special Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson.
I have a huge Santa Sack filled with presents, a small live potted Dwarf Douglass Fir tree that will grow with Rocket. His first Christmas is really going to be awesome!

So, this blogging thing hopefully will progress. As I said in the beginning this is a first for me.
I have always wanted to do something like this so with the New Year approaching I will be making this part of the fresh new year and fresh new starts!


  1. Great first blog! It is wonderful to discover the art of writing.

  2. Thank you Rita
    Have a very Merry Christmas

  3. I read your blog from backward: Thursday's post to today's post but all in all loving it. :)Shopping for a boy is something that is a little foreign for me as well even though I have had a son for nearly 11.5 months now!!! :)